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Wilmslow Road, Woodford, Cheshire

Why Mii?


Mii Cosmetics has been inspired by the wants and wishes of thousands of beauty spa and salon devotees, as well as a team of beauty experts. Combining the finest ingredients, Mii offers effortless application and unrivalled expertise to reveal your natural beauty. 

The collection also includes a mineral make-up line infused with:

• Precious Gemstones
• Fifteen Tailored Brushes
• Handbag Heroes
• Flawless Face Base
• Moisturising Lip Lover
• Pure Wonder Concealer 
• Glamorous Trio Bronzing Face Finish

colour Mii happy lipstick poster
brows by Mii cosmetics banner

With Mii, make-up is easy to chooseeasy to use and easy to understand
Mii gives you the confidence to 
create a look that is uniquely, completely, unmistakably you.

So when you look in the mirror, you can say 'That’s Mii'



Hand applied tan by Mii cosmetics poster, spa concept
Hand applied tan by Mii cosmetics poster, spa concept
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